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Why She Stays
What you can do to Help!

Do you have a relative, friend, employee, or neighbor who you think may be living in a violent situation?

If so, you can . . . .
1. Tell this person about the services provided by the Women's Service and Family Resource Center. Memorize the phone number, 262-4455, and pass it along.

2. Tell your pastor, doctor, lawyer, and friends about the WS&FRC. Ask them to refer people who need help.

3. Encourage your church or civic group to donate time, money, and or materials to the WS&FRC.

Community Education: Women's Service & Family Resource Center provides speakers upon request for any group, civic organization or school.
Volunteer Program: Volunteers are always welcome and are trained to offer services to victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.
Funding: Our agency is funded by Private and Community donations, including the Department of Mental Health, Victim's of Crime Act, Seagate, Ashbrook, and Southwestern Bell Wireless.
You can help by making a tax deductible contribution. Call 262-4455 to make a contribution.
Or email: The Women's Service and Family Resource Center
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